Our work in servant leadership through The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro continues to evolve. Over the past several years, we have made substantial revisions to the core curriculum. The result is a significantly more clear, vivid, emotionally resonant and conceptually coherent sequence of teaching and practices.

Our revised curriculum guides participants through a carefully designed process of genuine emotional and spiritual transformation.

Over the past twenty-two years, people from more than 12 states have come to our school with a desire to learn about the path and practice of servant leadership and then to take servant leadership back to their community.

During these years, we have supported the development and work of servant leadership in a number of communities. As an outgrowth of this activity, participants have requested a certification program from our school  which becomes a standard for the offering of servant leadership to others.


A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who satisfactorily complete the three year course work (144 hours of classroom instruction/experience) offered through The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro. 

Purpose for the Participant in the Certification Program 

--Recognition of three years of coursework/experience with The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro.

--Demonstrates high level of commitment and knowledge concerning the path and practice of servant leadership.

--Movement towards a “rule of life” or The Five-Fold Path of Sacred Service for participants.

--Provides accreditation credential to local community.

Purpose for The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro

--Helps our students get the full spectrum of the path and practice of servant leadership.

--Increases confidence in offerings being delivered off-campus.

--Provides credibility in standards for other possible partnerships.



Fall Term 
--Servant Leadership 1: Putting on the Mind of Christ for 12 weeks (24 hours)

Winter/Spring Term 
--Communion: Prayer and the Practice of Presence (6 weeks)
--Compassion: Awakening the Intelligence of the Heart (6 weeks)  (Total of 24 hours)


Fall Term 
--Servant Leadership 2: Deep Healing for 10 weeks (20 hours)

Winter/Spring Term
--Money: From Cultural Addiction to Spiritual Freedom (6 weeks) 
--Power: The Practice of a Third Way (6 weeks)  (Total of 24 hours)


Fall Term 
--Call: Co-Creation and the Commitment to Sacred Service for 12 weeks (24 hours)

Winter/Spring Term
--Servant Leadership 3: Practicing Resurrection for 12 weeks (24 hours)

Spiritual Companion

The participant in the Certification program will have two sessions each year with an affiliate of The Servant
Leadership School of Greensboro—either in person or over the phone. The participant will consider Spiritual Direction.
Our affiliates who meet twice a year with the participant could be the Spiritual Director/Companion as well. Spiritual
Direction is highly recommended but not a requirement for participants in the Certification Program.

Program Components

--Attendance at classes.
--Meeting with Servant Leadership Affiliate twice each year.
--Reflection paper at the end of each course and at the end of the three-year experience.
--Participation in sacred service in Year Three.
--Availability to be of service to The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro on occasion.
--May want to keep journal as part of the process.

  Registration and Fees

--Participants apply and provide information on reasons why they feel called to this work.
--Fee at application is $75.00.

The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro will keep a portfolio on each participant and will have a ceremony upon graduation.

Download a certification application.
(The downloadable application is a Microsoft Word document that can be printed and mailed in with your application fee.)

The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro also offers a Non-Certificate Process whereby students are encouraged to participate in our classes, practices and the opportunities listed in our brochure in a sequence and at a pace that nourishes them.


Q: What if I have taken several of the core servant leadership classes? Do they count towards Certification?

If you have taken Servant Leadership 1 or any of the Core Classes within the past two years, you can count those towards this Certification. For those who took Servant Leadership 1 more than two years ago, we highly recommend that they retake SL1 and possibly become a Table Host for the class.

Q: If I am “Grandfathered/Mothered” in (with coursework from the past two years), do I still need to have a Servant Leader Spiritual Companion?

Yes, everyone in the program, whether “grandfathered” in or not, will meet with a Servant Leader Companion twice during the year. The Spiritual Companion will listen to the participant and be available for any guidance during the program. Also, the Spiritual Companion will suggest ways that the participant might be “of service” to the school.

Q: How will I know who is my Spiritual Companion?

When you apply, we will contact you and let you know who will be your Spiritual Companion while in this Certification process.

Q: What if I have taken the Money Class within the last two years, but not the Power Class? Or the Compassion Class but not the Communion Class?

You may take the Power Class and not the Money Class. This means you would enter the class at the mid-point for the second 
half of the content. These classes will be taught as one whole (the 12 weeks) but they can be taken separately as well. Again, for the Communion/Compassion class, you can take the first half of the class and then not take the second half of the class.

Q: What about Servant Leadership 2? I have taken that before.

We have completely reworked Servant Leadership 2 and encourage you to take this course in its newer version.

Q: What is Servant Leadership 3?

This is a new offering which will be a culmination of the previous work with a focus on The Five-Fold Path of Sacred Service. The class, structured much like a Master Class, will be some dialogue about major themes in servant leadership and then an experiential component in the community. This class focuses on the practice of servant leadership living in our daily lives.

Q: If I have had Servant Leadership 1, must I take the other Core classes in a specific sequence?

No. The sequence is encouraged, because it allows for the transformational process to be an ongoing journey where each step builds on the ones before. However, one may take the other Core classes in any order as long as one takes SL1 first. Servant Leadership 2 and 3 should also be taken in order, if possible.

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