CURRICULUM (Revised and Restructured)
Our work continues to evolve. We have made substantial revisions to the core curriculum, resulting in a significantly clearer, emotionally resonant and conceptually coherent sequence of teaching and practices which guide participants through a process of genuine emotional and spiritual transformation. The preferred sequence is years one through three, in order; however, after taking Servant Leadership 1, any of the other core classes may be taken.


Year 1
Fall TermServant Leadership 1: Putting on the Mind of Christ (10 weeks) (20 hours)
Winter/Spring TermCompassion: Awakening the Intelligence of the Heart (6 weeks)
and Communion: Prayer and the Practice of Presence (6 weeks) (Total of 24 hours)

Year 2
Fall TermServant Leadership 2: Deep Healing (10 weeks) (20 hours)
Winter/Spring TermPracticing "Power With" in Our Daily Lives (10 weeks) (20 hours)

Year 3
Fall TermCall: Co-Creation and the Commitment to Sacred Service (12 weeks) (24 hours)
Winter/Spring TermServant Leadership 3: Practicing Resurrection (10 weeks) (20 hours)
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