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Jericho HouseServant Leadership School of Greensboro - Jericho House

Mr. John Hill
2824 Liberty Road
Greensboro, NC 27406

Jericho House is a Christian based aftercare and transitional program for ex-offenders being released from prison. Our focus is to help make a successful, law-abiding transition from prison to open society. We do this by helping in every area of social difficulty or obstacle. We provide room, board, transportation and Christian discipleship; we assist with job search, getting proper I.D., etc. We teach and encourage social responsibility.

As an organization we have eight board members, one house administrator. The facility is a large two-story, four-bedroom brick house.

An ideal volunteer is good with people, wise, compassionate, and willing to listen to others. They posses sharp spiritual instinct, prudent decision-makers that are not gullible or easily manipulated. Minimum age requirement is 21 years old. Interview and orientation is required. Specialized training is provided when needed.

Volunteers needed to be Christian mentors and counselors. Experience with drug related problems and family and individual counseling required. – D, F, W

Volunteers needed to provide transportation to residents. –D, E, F, W

Volunteers needed to set up and maintain website. Computer knowledge required. – F, H

Volunteers needed for basic clerical and accounting support. Computer knowledge required for data base entry. – D

Hours of Volunteer Work Available:

__ (D) = Weekdays during business hours

__ (E) = Evenings

__ (F) = Flexible

__ (W) = Weekends

__ (H) = Work From Home

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